FreeBSD in VMWare Problem

6 December 2007

If you’ve installed FreeBSD on VMWare and installed the VMWare Tools, you’ll probably find that you get the following message appear every-so-often:

“calcru: runtime went backwards”

This appears to be a problem with VMWare simulating the timer. You can fix it by running the following code:

sysctl kern.timecounter.hardware=TSC

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Cygwin won’t read .bashrc?

28 September 2007

ConsoleAdd the following line of code to the very bottom of /etc/profile

. "$HOME/.bashrc"

This will execute the .bashrc file from your home directory.

If you are not sure where your home directory is type the following into a cygwin console:

echo $HOME

If your user folder contains a space; you may have to place the .bashrc file into the root directory and you may still have the calling line into /etc/profile.