iMovie Common Pitfalls

28 September 2007

iMovieI’ve seen a lot of people struggling with a couple of issues with iMovie. Through spending time sifting through forums and a little trial-and-error, I have managed to figure out how to resolve these issues..

#1 – I’ve connected my camera but it doesn’t appear in the import menu, only the iSight camera is recognised

This took some time to figure out, simply because of the following assumption; When you plug a Firewire/Usb component in, an event is triggered notifying the OS that this peripheral is available.. so in this case, when you plug the camera in and turn it on, you expect iMovie to find it and make it available in the camera sources menu? WRONG! iMovie seems to do a check for cameras when the application is launched. So as long as your camera is turned on and ready to go when you start iMovie, it should appear in the import dialog.

#2 – iMovie 2008 won’t start, it bounces in the dock but then nothing happens

This is a case of the iMovie going through all your Quicktime components (/Library/Quicktime) and finding one that it doesn’t like. Removethe Third Party plug-ins, leaving the two Apple ones present (If you take these out it won’t boot either as they are required!)
You should now be able to start iMovie.

Quit iMovie and slowly start to add your TP components back in; you should find that there is only one or two offenders and most should work ok. My problem was with the Divx 5 component.