About the Band

Idle Words is a Jazz/Folk/Pop band, (currently acoustic, but plans of evolving into a big-bang) with Guitarist Tom Medhurst and Vocalist Jenifer Klepfer.

Idle Words has been running for over a year now and has had a couple of really fun gigs. We recently played at the NBC in Newbury to raise money for some locals to go to Africa for missionary work. You can watch some video highlights on YouTube here.

The aim of the band is to start gigging regularly (around once a month) and then slowly start replacing some of the cover songs with our own material, (although we will probably be leaving some cover songs in.. just because we like them so much!!)

We also aim to build the band up, so we can create a real atmosphere with the music, by combining the beauty of simple music, with a wide variety of instruments & styles and efficient composing.

small_logo.pngIdle Words are hiring!!

We are currently looking for the following members:

  • Pianist
  • Drummer/Percussion
  • Brass
  • Strings (Violin, Cello etc..)

If you would like to arrange an audition, please contact the band via email:


One Response to “Band”

  1. jenifer Says:

    Hey Tom, This looks great! My sister googled me and found it. She was very impressed!

    Thanks for posting it-has anyone responded yet?

    I am looking forward to meeting up on Wednesday…

    🙂 Jen

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