NoteAs I have the developer mentality (it comes with the job!!) to have a tendancy of wiping my machines every 6 months; I thought it would be a good idea to keep a list of all the software I really couldn’t do without for both my Macs and my PCs.

Online Solutions

  • – Favourites, quick and widely use, JSON and XML APIs
  • LinkedIN – Business Networking
  • FaceBook – Social Networking
  • WordPress – Blogging engine with massive theme and plugin extensions available
  • FeedBurner – Monitor who is reading your blog
  • Remember the Milk – Simple Ajax-style online todo list (ical support)
  • – Free online storage
  • Flickr – Online photo album/sharing
  • Plaxo – Keeping all my address books in sync
  • HostingRails – Great paid & free hosting for Ruby, CGI, Rails, Php, MySQL etc..
  • Stikkit – Stikkies web service


  • PhotoShop and ImageReady – Photo editing software you should ask your boss to buy!
  • iRooster – Alarm Clock app for iTunes
  • CyberDuck – Ftp program
  • CssEdit – For editing CSS stylesheets… obviously!
  • delimport – Allow spotlight to search your favourites
  • Flame – Searches subnet for Rendezvous services
  • Flip4Mac – Play those file extensions you really shouldn’t in Quicktime! (xvid, divx, wmv etc…)
  • FolderShare – Microsoft bought app for folder syncing between Windows and Macs
  • HandBrake – Rips Dvds onto your computer (for backup purposes of course!)
  • ImageWell – when photoshop is too much hassle to startup for simple image re-sizing etc…
  • iRed Lite – Control all apps with the apple remote
  • iTerm – terminal replacement
  • iStumbler – Searches for open/WEP/WPA wireless networks
  • MacSaber – Turns my macbook into a light-saber!
  • Parallels – VMWare like app for OSX; use until VMWare releases a faster OSX client
  • QuickSilver – My favorite app of all time! Quick access to anything on your mac (like slickrun for a mac, but better)
  • Apple Remote Desktop – Control all your macs using this enhanced VNC app by Apple
  • SharePoints – Control shared folders on your mac
  • smcFanControl – Control how hot you allow your macbook to get
  • TextMate – The worlds greatest IDE
  • Vienna – A great free RSS Reader


  • E Text Editor – A port of TextMate for Windows
  • AlphaXpLite – Makes your taskbar transparent like the new Leopard menu bar
  • Ants Profiler – .NET profiling tool for finding performance issues in .NET code
  • buttos for IE – Tag and maintain favorites from Internet Explorer
  • Etheral – Network sniffer for troubleshooting complex remoting/web service call problems
  • Fiddler – Simple Http monitor (use this before trying Etheral)
  • FolderShare – Microsoft bought app for folder syncing between Windows and Macs
  • Ghost Doc – Documentation generator for Visual Studios (good for copying comments from interface to implementation)
  • Google Desktop – Event drivenindexing service for Windows (just ignore the gadgets.. they suck!)
  • iColorFolder – Colour code your folders, like recent versions of OSX
  • iTunes – If you don’t know what this is.. where have you been for the last five years?!!
  • Resharper – Tool for speeding up Visual Stuidos development
  • MacDrive – drivers for reading Mac Partitioned disks (like your iPod when HFS partioned)
  • Snarl – Growl for Windows
  • ObjectDock – Free dock for Windows
  • Orca – Open and edit MSI files (for hard-core geeks)
  • Stuffit – Zip program for Windows which opens zip, tar, gz, rar etc..
  • Taskbar Shuffle – Allows you to re-order the apps as they appear in your taskbar
  • TaskSwitchXP – light-weight Alt-Tab replacement
  • TopDesk – Exposé for Windows
  • TortoiseSvn – Subversion source control client for Windows
  • Visual Task Tips – Vista-like previews for windows when minimised

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