Blog Moving..!

23 April 2008

I have decided that WordPress is a little overkill for what I need, and have moved my blog to Tumblr.

Please update your RSS feeds to point here:
You can find the site here:


Pownce is a Twitter replacement with a lot more to offer.

Unfortunately their desktop app was written with a BETA version of AIR and won’t install now Adobe have officially released it. ūüė¶

I have written a replacement which allows you to post your status on Pownce, using Adobe AIR 1.0. Your credentials are stored encrypted on your local hard drive.

Download Pownce Desktop App

Rss feed for future version of this app

TimeMachine & Samba

22 February 2008

Time Machine in Leopard is great for backing up your stuff! (especially as most External/Network drives come with only Windows software for automated backups!!) The problem is, you can’t seem to configure it backup to a Network drive. DOH!

I’m not posting a moan here.. but a solution! Oh yes!! Open a terminal and type the following:

defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

Open the TimeMachine system preference and you should now see the drive! Yay!

The only other caveat is, you should eject the disk a couple of times before backing up to it as Leopard seems to have some difficulties with Samba (or similar) NAS drives and files tend to go missing?! :S

FreeBSD in VMWare Problem

6 December 2007

If you’ve installed FreeBSD on VMWare and installed the VMWare Tools, you’ll probably find that you get¬†the following¬†message appear every-so-often:

“calcru: runtime¬†went backwards”

This appears to be a problem with VMWare simulating the timer. You can fix it by running the following code:

sysctl kern.timecounter.hardware=TSC

 Ping Back

Msn Messenger Worm

7 November 2007

Msn Messenger
This bad boy is doing the rounds at work at the moment, haven’t seen much about it on Google, so I thought I would post a little help up about it.

So what happens is you receive a file from a msn contact called something like, if you accept this and open it up, you’ll see an executable claiming to be from Photobox. Opening it, you will see a lot of flicker, as msn messenger windows open up and start sending the file around your contacts.

To stop this worm do the following:

  • Close msn messenger (probably best to kill it via task manager)
  • Make sure you are not hiding system files and hidden files in explorer
  • Navigate to system32 and delete the file mdesvc.exe
  • Open regedit and go HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\[RUN and RUNONCE] and remove any keys which point to mdesvc.exe
  • Restart your machine

This advice comes with no warranties or support, all I know is it seemed to work for me!?! I will however accepts cheques or BACS transfers! he he!

Radiohead – In Rainbows

10 October 2007

radiohead.jpgI first heard that Radiohead were releasing their new album as DRMfree mp3s only on the TV last week. The real selling point at the time, as the presenter explained, was the fact that you could choose how much you were going to pay for the album and the band would make their money from the Tour rather than the album sales.

So, being a Radiohead fan, I purchased the album and downloaded it.

I have to tell you, it has my vote!! The album is top quality and possibly one of the best albums Radiohead have ever released? (knocking ‘Ok Computer‘ off the top spot) I would recommend some expensive headphones and turning it up loud so you can get the most out of each channel! It has certainly worked as I am really looking forward to the tour!

iPod ClassicAmazon are offering the iPod classic 80Gb for ¬£7 cheaper than Apple or highstreet shops, that ¬£7 can then go on next day delivery (before 1pm), so if you can’t get your grubby mits on an iPod in your local Currys/Dixons; this is a pretty sweet alternative! Ordered mine this morning!